Al's New CD "Brasiliana"

Al & Lynne @ Dennis Moody Studio

Al & Lynne @ Dennis Moody Studio

Welcome! to my New Website

If this is your first visit, Greetings!   I hope you will sign up for my mailing list and leave me a note.   We are facing difficult times as we all deal with this pandemic, Covid-19. But I believe that music is a healer and can bring a little hope into our lives. It is my hope that your spirits will be lifted by the music you hear.    My song "Change the World" (sung by Lynne Fiddmont) is (still)  a FREE DOWNLOAD.   My newest CD "Brasiliana" is available here on this site, and also on Itunes. Pandora, Amazon, YouTube,  and Spotify .  See more links on my music page.  If you have  subscriptions to any of those you will be able to download the whole CD! Otherwise you can purchase it right here.  Please continue to watch this space,  I will be announcing more music specials.  But for now just remember...We CAN "Change      the World"...with LOVE!  Blessings and good health.  -AL



Can we change the world? 
Could we find a better way 
In a world without a heart or mind to care 
Who cares to find that world who cares? 
That world would help someone who's down 
To reach for higher ground 
A world that welcomes You 
And a world that welcomes Me 
Will we find more love than hate 
Before we face our ending? 
Change the way we think and how we feel? 
We have to change the way we feel 
So if you care and if we dare, we'll find a better way 
We'll find that love shines through 
Even when the skies not blue 
Trust the Hero side of you 
You are here, I am here... 
We can change the world with Love

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