From the recordings Brasiliana and Change the World

This song opens with Lynne Fiddmont singing in Rubato tempo...then to a medium tempo Samba and Piano Solo by Al. J.P. Mourao provides gentle guitar in the background. At the songs end a gentle reminder to "Change the World...with Love"


Can we change the world
Could we find a better way
In a world without a heart or mind to care
Who cares to find that world, who cares?
That world would lift someone who's down
To reach for higher ground
A world that welcomes you
And a world that welcomes me
Will we find more love than hate
Before we face our ending
Change the way we think and how we feel
We have to change the way we feel
So if you care and if we dare
We'll find that better way
We'll find the LOVE shines through
Even when the skies not blue
Trust the Hero side of you
You are here, I am here
We can Change the World