1. Christmastime

From the recording Christmastime

This song was written as an ode to my childhood memories of Christmas.


Christmastime it brings to mind a time when we were young
A new train set the toys all dressed around the tree...for you and me, and
Christmastime it brings to mind our happy innocence...tree lights a glow we had to know, what Santa brought, and not get caught...and
Christmastime is still a joy to me...
Snow and mistletoe and caroling...
And things that make us sad, don't seem quite so bad...We're gonna make it through, cause dreams come true at
It brings to mind, such tender memories
Remembering when we snuggled then around the tree...here's hoping that you find, all the Love that's yours at
Sung by Mica Fisher
Words & Music by Al Daniels
copyright Danthree Music 2006